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You have spent a lot of your money and precious time to Learn French Language, haven’t you?

What you want now is to be sure that you get your French DELF Exam at the first attempt.

That is always what my Zoom Students ask me and that is why I built these French DELF Preparation Courses for.

On our you will find a lot of French Learning Tips, Delf Exam Articles and French DELF Courses but also the DELF Meaning, DELF Exam Dates, Delf Syllabus, Delf Sample Papers, DELF Cheat Sheet and much more about the French TEF exam and French DALF Exam.

The Courses we have are specifically for French Beginners and French Intermediate Level.

What you will learn in Our French DELF Courses.

  • How to Overcome your French Language Barrier.
  • French memory Tips to get the DELF exam.
  • French Conjugation and French Pronunciation hacks.
  • Lifetime Unlimited Access to the French courses Updates.
  • Get Unlimited access to Our Private French Learning Facebook Group.
  • How to Speak French with confidence.

What is included in our French DELF Courses?

  • Sample Papers (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Exams).
  • Full lifetime access to our Structured French Video Courses
  • Learn with a French Native Teacher Graduated by the French Alliance.
  • HD pictures: Link the new words with a clear image.
  • Quizzes: The best way to improve fast.
  • Pdf Flashcards: Take some notes during the course.
  • Complete Audio Version of the DELF B2 course to use it on the go.
  • The ONLY French DELF Cheat Sheet on the Web is included.
  • Your access to the Private Facebook Group (Password inside).
  • Certificate of completion.

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What Real People Say

What real people said about DelfSchool Courses.

delf production orale

Harriet Jahzeel Lara

I had an amazing time listening and learning hacks in French and in memorizing. Apparently, it was not what I was looking for because I wanted to learn more grammar in French since I already have a B2 level in French, nonetheless, I really appreciate the effort that was put into this course and hand gestures helped me remember things more. I was able to learn things regarding how to pass my B2 exams which is a good thing. Je vous remercie. 🙂 - Harriet Jahzeel Lara, Enrolled in this Delf B2 course.

delf meaning

Mutaz Banafa

A very interuiging course that I would love to see through. The teacher is well equipped with an abundance of knowledge. Highly recommned this course. - Mutaz Banafa, DelfSchool Student.

delf exam dates

Mine Durmaz

The course is such a well prepared one that I listen and take again and again. The teacher is just amazing! It is well prepared and fully well-presented. I liked it so much and find the all French courses that Chris teaches wonderful and useful. Just appreciating 😉 The instructor is just awesome!!! Learning French through his courses, explanations and excercises are a great opportunity to be well motivated for further improvement. Christ Daniel is far best professional and wise instructor I have ever seen. Looking forward to having his upcoming courses 😉 - Mine Durmaz, DelfSchool Student.

DelfSchool Student

Sonia Stewart

This course is really exactly what I needed. I'm living in France, and the pronunciation and etymology helps to cement in the words, and makes them more visual...which is helpful for memorization. The instructor is extremely helpful, responds promptly, and very knowledgable in the language. I highly recommend this course and any other course this instructor is teaching. - Sonia Stewart, Enrolled in this Delf B2 course.

delf examen


The course is really helpful to remember to vocabulary. Way of explanation is really good. - Hina, DelfSchool Student.

DelfSchool student

Ana Patricia Rodriguez de U

I wasn't initially sure wether it had been a good idea to purchase this course, since I am barely A1 in French D: However, I've been feeling very comfortable with it, I think it's a great complement for me (I am currently diving in some other Grammatics as well) and I hope it will help me to advance faster than I would do if I was taking in-person lessons. - Ana Patricia Rodriguez de U, DelfSchool Student.

delfschool student

Sumana mandal

Excellent course!! Would like to attend more of your courses. Merci beaucoup Christophe Daniel!! - Sumana mandal, DelfSchool Student.