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Christophe Daniel Ternay:

I am a native French speaker (born in Verdun, Meuse, France) and I have been teaching French and English in a peruvian school (4 to 17 years old students) and in an adult institute for 2 years. Since 3 years I have successfully been Teaching online on various platforms 1700+hours. Don’t hesitate to check the Reviews, you will find out that completely dedicated and professional Teacher!
I have a University Degree in International Business and a degree in FLE (Francais Langue étrangère) of the Alliance Française (equivalent to the CELTA in English : Certificate in Teaching to Speakers of other Languages)

As a teacher:

I am specialised in French DELF DALF and French TEF preparation. My aim is to understand your needs, goals and weaknesses so as to provide the best advices in order for you to get your Exam the first time.

Our Courses will be ENTIRELY tailor-made.

I have also been working in France with China, India and United States during 3 years and travelled all around Europe, living in Germany for 8 years and Peru for 5 years now.

Teaching Methodology

A good vocabulary is the building block of any conversation and I emphasise the learning of new words, phrases in context, and idiomatic expressions in each lesson.

I love to teach and have a sense of humor which keeps my classes fun, interesting and dynamic. I know how to make someone feel confident to talk in French.

I instill confidence in my students to speak French and I achieve this through specific pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary exercises.

I can also guarantee you my complete dedication and support in your French language success.

Feel free to contact me for more information before booking if needed.

Educational material

  • French Learning Flashcards
  • French Audio Files
  • Delf, Dalf, TEF and TCF Exam Samples
  • French and Canadian Good News (I don’t like to read bad News!)
  • French and Silent Videos
  • Homeworks (Only if you want some, must of my students don’t!)